3 Best Tactical Backpacks for you

If you’re in the military, or if you simply wish to get tactical backpacks for you to use, then there are pretty much a lot of options which you could purchase. After all, the best tactical backpack doesn’t really depend on the brand, but rather, the features, as well as the personal preference – where you’re most comfortable with using. Below are just three of the best tactical backpacks you can make use of.

GoRuck GR1

If you’re looking for professional Special Forces-grade durability with a design of 21 liters, then this is the best one for you. It has a laptop compartment that’s amazingly bombproof, as well as hydration pouches. It also has a back panel that’s reinforced, which eliminates the need for a strap at the sternum. It has a big internal compartment, as well as MOLLE webbing, elastic pouches, a shallow zipper, as well as a mesh catch ball zipper pocket for easy access.

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

If you would have to go to places with water, then this bag is best for you, as it is one which is water repellant. It stores you things which are good for three days, and the layout is one which includes a dual-zipper rear compartment, another compartment for the front, as well as zipper pockets good for 2-liter water bottles, as well as smaller pouches for better organizing of things. Moreover, it has MOLLE webbing to ensure added strength.

Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Cyclone Pack

Just like the previous bag, this one is also waterproof, thanks to the heavy-duty water-resistant nylon, as well as exterior webbing of eight rows. It has a hydration station good for 100 ounces, as well as antimicrobial technology to ensure safety of the inner water source. It also provides ventilation on your back to make sure that you wouldn’t be sweating things out while it’s behind you.