How To Get Your Gay Ex Boyfriend Back

This is quite the conundrum! Having dated a guy for a period of time and then your individual differences causes you to separate but then you realize the error of your decision and you decide that you want your man back. You have read through books and articles on steps a lady could take to get her man back. You are feeling very confident that you have it in the bag already. You have made all the moves and connections necessary and out of the blues, ex boyfriend who was clearly into you and enjoyed sex with you, then tells you he is gay?

His coming out of the closet isn’t the problem; the main problem is the effect it would have on your plan to get him back. And then you are riddled with questions and confusion; what to do?

This may seem like a dead end but do not give up yet. This is how to get your ex back.

His reason for breaking this news to you at this time is because he is at a crossroads, a place where he can no longer balance the dual life and he would need to make a choice. The best thing to do at this point would be to give him all the support you can. Have long conversations about the past and also ask him if he has figured out where he sees himself in future. Do not be judgy or selfish! Focus on him.

People having multiple sexualities often have issues deciding which to formalize and this decision can be greatly influenced by the quality of people they have around them. Your unwavering support and presence would help him tilt back into your yard and slowly but surely, you would get your ex boyfriend back.