A Road Trip To Genting By Bus

Everyone needs a getaway/ a vacation after a long busy work period. Well, take a bus to Genting. Have a space shot speedy ride along a 3.38 km long cable line connecting the resort and plateau town Gontong Jaynin antique cars; the fastest of course.

There are best highways connected to Kaula Lumpur from the neighboring cities. These are Petatang Jaya and Singapore. The most popular route being the Karak Highway charges MYR -5 andSingapore route bus to Genting takes three hours through the North South Highway.They mostly use express buses.For other states a cross Malaysia travelers can check for the available express bus in the local listings to be conversant with the bus to catch .One can take a bus at any time of the day or night.

Most buses to Gentingstart from Kaula Lumpur, the nearest city to the resort .Using this route it will take one hour to reach Genting. There are major routes well knownin the locality.These are the Kl Sentrral, Pudeu Sentral, Terminal Pulva, and LRT Gombak .The prices on these routes varies between MYR 5-12 depending on one’s location from Kaula Lumpur.The landscape of the area is characterized by a steep slope. Driversare advised to drive slowly and be gentle on the brakes. The roads pass through underground tunnels. Alongthese tunnels great memories could be made by a stopoverin one of the many casinos. A stop could also be madebrieflyinone of the rock concerts and karaoke acts before progressing on with the journey in a bus to Genting

It is also good to know the common greetings amongst the Malaysians of Genting. For instance;

  • Hello-hello
  • Good evening-selematpetang

These will help get along with the locals, as it is more of a polite approach to those who only know the Bahasa language.